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Buy DXN products online from all over the world.

DXN has local Service Centers and DXN Branches in 50 countries and they delivery DXN products over 150 countries.
If you are not a DXN member, you can buy DXN products too, but just on retailer price.

So, first you should be DXN member to get the products cheaper, on distributor price. You can check here how to join ——-> 


DXN has local Service Centers and DXN Branches in 50 countries and they delivery DXN products over 150 countries.

You can join and order the products at the same time. If you have your DXN ID, you can use it for all of your order.

Buy DXN products from Europe:

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You can use this DXN webshop:

Buy DXN products from UK:

You can use this DXN webshop:

Buy DXN products from Australia:

Buy DXN products from any other country:

If you have any more question just send me a message and I will help you! ——>

Buy DXN products from the USA:

DXN USA Webshop on Retail Price:
Menu – Buy Products
DXN USA Webshop on Distributor Price – Join DXN and order DXN products cheaper >>>

For product purchasing, the DXN Office need the following information:
1. A Valid US Address, Receiver Name and Phone Number.
2. Products needed
3. Payment information, they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (need the complete 16 digit of Credit Card, Expiration Date, and CVV code.)

How can you purchase the products from the USA?

DXN USA Distributor Pricelist
DXN USA Retail Pricelist
1. Directly visit Daxen, Inc. office located at 565 Brea Canyon Road, Suite B Walnut, California 91789

2. Join the Monthly Autoship System, which will automatically place an order every month for you (Daxen will credit the charged amount between 1st till 10th of each month).

3. Just call the DXN USA official office and they will proceed your order: Office Phone: 909-348-0188

4. Send in Order form by fax (Fax: 909-348-0189) or mail (E-Mail: You can download the newest DXN order form here.
The shipping and handling charge is ONLY US$7.00 for a single invoice of a maximum of US$2,000.
(The more you order the more you save.)

5. Place an online order through our website if you are a US citizen and you have social security number, and you got password for the DXN US system.

You may join here:

Than you can login here:

The shipping fee is 5 $ with online orders.

If you do not have a valid social security card, you may join here:
Than apply here for a password:

After you get it, you can login and place and order.

If you order online the shipping and Handling Charge is ONLY at US$5.00.
(You can save even more.)
This shipping policy also applies for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
Shipments require at least 4 minimum working days to arrive; some areas may require more days depending on the shipper.

If you are not a DXN member yet: Join DXN now!

New prospects are welcomed and cordially invited to access the e-World system “New Register” Menu and join as a DXN member to enjoy all the benefits from DXN. If you choose us as your sponsor, our DXN sponsor code is 280050177.

Join DXN from USA with the DXN sponsor ID: 280050177 – Khursheed Alam:

Join DXN from Europe online:

Join DXN worldwide (from any country) DXN sponsor code: 280050177 – Khursheed Alam: Click on: New Register from the Menu—–>

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