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DXN2u Pakistan, earn money make your future brightDXN is a multinational company which was established in 1993 in Malaysia. It had a humble beginning and a steady growth. Its products are being consumed in more than 170 countries and it is growing at a tremendous pace. The reason for this phenomenal growth is the health benefits of DXN products, which are prepared from natural herbs, like Ganoderma, Spirulina, Morinda citrifolia, cordyceps, Tea tree oil, Aloe vera, etc. There are thousands of testimonials all over the world. These herbs have been used for thousands of years. Scientific research during the last about 50 years has established that these herbs are very potential as well as promising in improving the quality of life, which is deteriorating consistently owing to the lifestyles of the modern times, chemicals in the food, water and air, sedentary habits, taxing work environment and stress of the modern life.The DXN products – Ganoderma based RG,GL capsules, coffee, tea, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, oil, cocozhi health beverage; Morinzhi (fruit juice of the herb Morinda citrifolia),capsules Spirulina, Tea tree cream, Aloe – V hand and body lotion, Aloe – V facial cleansing foam, Talcum Powder, Baby Oil etc. are not sold in the open market. For this DXN has appointed authorised stockists. The products are marketed through the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) concept ( also known as “Direct Selling” or “Network Marketing”). This is the modern marketing system of the 21st century. In this concept, the middlemen of the “Traditional Marketing System” are eliminated and the financial benefits, which were hitherto distributed to the middlemen (of the “Traditional Marketing System”), are passed on to the consumers who recommend the DXN products to their friends, relatives, acquaintances and others, after first getting satisfied with the products by using themselves. It is needless to emphasize here that “you should never recommend a product to your near and dear ones, just for the sake of earning money for yourself, if it is not good and you are not satisfied with it”. If you do, it would be criminal. So, the concept of MLM is – use the products; if you like them, tell others about them.

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Be very well rewarded, for consuming and promoting our range of quality everyday health products.

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DXN is a 20 year-old company operating in over 170 countries with over 5 million registered members, holds every appropriate Certificate for Safety and Quality, Organic production, is listed on the Main Board KLSX, and is Debt-Free.

DXN is involved in Travel, Real Estate development, housing projects, Bio-fuel and IT enterprises, as well as its world-wide MLM enterprise, in the Research & Development, Organic Farming, Lloyd’s Assured production facilities and distribution of these world’s premier health products.

The returns can vary according to your success or otherwise in this Program. The figures quoted are closely approximate, and have been calculated according to the DXN Business Plan. It may take you longer, or less time than 6 months to find your people. That doesn’t really matter.

To those who want to high income as 100,000.00/month and even 7 digit a month!!! You can sponsor 10 or more people per month. Just let them change the brand of their coffee, chocolate drink, juice, vitamins and minerals, soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, massage oil to dxn brand. Share the benefits of the products to other. start helping people now! Contact me Now so we can share and discuss how this work.

We are now in 170 countries worldwide.
Worldwide giving health, wealth and happiness.
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The commitment is up to you, so are the Rewards.

DXN2U e Business earn money through direct sale System DSS

Multi-level marketing (MLM)


In a typical multi-level marketing or network marketing arrangement, individuals associate with a parent company as an independent contractor or franchisee and are compensated based on their sales of products or service, as well as the sales achieved by those they bring into the business. This is like many franchise companies where royalties are paid from the sales of individual franchise operations to the franchisor as well as to an area or region manager. In a legitimate MLM company, commissions are earned only on sales of the company’s products or services. No money may be earned from recruiting alone (“sign-up fees”). If participants are paid primarily from money received from new recruits, then the company is an illegal pyramid or Ponzi scheme. Many pyramid schemes try to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses.

Genuine MLM businesses operate legitimately in more than 100 other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and all 50 states in the United States. Businesses may use terms like “Affiliate marketing” or “home-based business Franchising”. DXN is recognized worldwide as a legitimate MLM, and has a wonderful track record looking after its distributors with Honesty and Integrity.

MLM is now taught in some Universities, and is recommended by many Wealth advisors, including Donald Trump and Robert Kyosaki, as a Must in one’s portfolio for future income.

The 1980s saw a major shift as companies began managing the stocking and distribution of products as well as commission payments to their members. This allowed members to focus on selling. Today, most MLM companies act as logistics companies that take orders, ship products and calculate and pay commissions. With the arrival of the Internet, MLM companies have started to go online. Many established MLM companies began to use the Internet to promote their products. At the same time, many other new MLM companies started their businesses using the Internet, which is generally called online MLM.


Features of DXN Marketing Plan

  • Global Plan – One World One Market, One Global Network
  • Energy Saving Plan– With upward compression mechanism
  • Low Pressure, High Reward – Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
  • Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding – International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc.
  • Reward For Depth Expansion – Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations
  • Better Reward For Width Expansion – Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
  • Flexible Network– Reward for both width and depth expansion
  • Fair Plan – Down line can overtake upline after they breakaway
  • Low Breakaway Target- Easily promoted and breakaway from up line
  • Achievable Plan – Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
  • Retirement Plan– For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed
  • Win Win Plan – When down line promoted, up line will get better reward with higher %.
  • Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan – No drop in % for Distributor (6% – 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance
  • 14 Ranks For Promotion – More recognition for distributors
  • Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier – Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors

DXN Compensation Plan:

DXN offers many incentives and bonuses, too many to list here without confusing anybody. I have listed the main headers for each group and to further research this opportunity

  1. Retail Profit (15% – 25%)
  2. Group Bonus (6% – 21%)
  3. Star Group Bonus (25% – 37%)
  4. Development Bonus (15%)
  5. Leadership Bonus (15%)
  6. International Profit Sharing (2%)
  7. Travel Seminar Incentive (2%)
  8. Hand Phone Cash Incentive (Php 12,500) – One Time Only
  9. Oversea Trip Cash Incentive (Php 100,000) – One Time Only

Naturally the payouts depend on the actual achievements and qualifications by the individual DXN distributor.

To date the company has established a foothold in over 170 markets worldwide. DXN is planning to be represented in over 150 counties worldwide by the year 2010. Their main markets include Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, India, Philippines, USA, Bangladesh, Mauritius and Sri Lanka besides Malaysia.

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