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ABOUT US : Nazariya Pakistan – Everything you need to know and need to have to build up your character

DOTCRUSH now is back with some new features, we are pioneer in wallpapers since 1997 now we’ve changed our over all work. Here you can find not only our custom made design wallpapers also you’ll find most frequent news articles (how to build Pakistan), reviews, videos and tips and tricks.

DOTCRUSH.COM as an Editor of this website, not over all agree with article submit by their columist, their own point of view and opinion about the topic. DOTCRUSH.COM is trying to build express their thoughts and feelings about any topic it doesn’t mean every words or opinion fully agree with their columinst. We live in 21st Century where everyone have their rights to talk and discuss all matters with their own opinion.

The main theam to build and wake up call to all Pakistani peoples to build Pakistan as our Founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah got independence from Britsh and Indian ruler to live and work hard of their own sake. This is a tiny efforts from DOTCRUSH to our Youngster (Youth) to make some change the darkest beauty of Pakistan towards brightest Pakistan.

This is our some little efforts, hope you’ll really love this useful site. We need your support to make this new features up-to-date, if you have your articles or review, send us we’ll really love to publish here freely, because dotcrush.com is very popular and SEO friendly website which will increase your site traffic, you can also contact us to for link exchange, your link will be on every page of this website under the OUR PARTNERS.

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