Retinol Creams Explained

Retinol Creams Explained

The queen of pretty much everything, Oprah, recently released her Spring Fashion Handbook, and surprisingly enough, there was a section called Retinol Cream: Your Skin’s New Best Friend. The all-knowing Oprah and her team of best friend doctors and skincare pros shared how retinol creams changed their life and outlook on skincare. Today we’re going to tell you why you should be using a retinol cream and which one will change your life! Remember, if Oprah says retinol creams are her new best friend, then retinol creams should be your best friends too!

Retinol creams are made up of retinoids, a retinoid is a tropical form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is the number one anti-wrinkle ingredient recommended by dermatologists. Its sole purpose is to promote cell turnover. It eliminates the old, bad cells and produces new, plump and healthy cells. Nothing works more effectively at eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines than retinol. It’s the best anti-aging ingredient. There is no argument to it. Piles of research prove that the vitamin A derivative can really undo wrinkles and even discoloration caused by sun damage.

One of the best things about retinol creams is that you know they’re working from the moment you put it on. Within just a few seconds of application, you’ll notice a small, yet noticeable difference.

So which retinol cream is right for you? We recommend LifeCell All-in-One Anti-Aging Treatment. It has just the right amount of retinol to ensure those wrinkles you hate will be gone in no time. It’s by far our favorite retinol cream on the market. It’s odor-free and paraben-free. In addition to that, it’s also hypoallergenic, perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. One tube lasts much longer than any other cream we’ve ever tried, because you only need a dime-sized amount for it to work at its full potential. . It’s been over 3 months and we still have ours!

Within seconds of application, there was a noticeable result. Fine lines seemed to diminish in appearance, and skin felt smoother than it had in a while. After using LifeCell for 4 weeks, the lines around the lips were nearly nonexistent, and so were the crows feet. Deep wrinkles could still use a bit more work, but hope is not lost! LifeCell’s official Facebook page has hundreds of positive results from loyal customers who can’t go without their LifeCell.

At the time of print, the manufacturers of LifeCell were running a free 30 day trial promotion for new customers only. Check out their site to see if it’s still going on, or for other offers. Don’t forget to report back and let us know about your experience!



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